Accelerade Marketing Plan

Accelerade Marketing Plan

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Advertising 1 ADVE
Assignment 1
Cadbury Schweppes Accelerade

Executive Summary
Concerning the acquisition of Accelerade, a sports drink brand, by Cadbury/Schweppes, we have to address the various problems facing Cadbury/Schweppes.

Cadbury/Schweppes is a multinational company which produces confectionary, beverages and now, with the acquisition of Accelerade, they hope to break into the fast-growing beverage market, sports and health drinks. The company has an extensive portfolio ranging from Dentyne to Trident, Dairy Milk and Mentos, 7UP, Dr. Peppers, and A&W Root Beer. The company plans to break into a market with an 82% majority held my its competitor, Gatorade/Pepsi Co.

Since the acquisition of Accelerade, by Cadbury/Schweppes, the company hopes to break into the sports and health drink market. They believe their product offers a competitive advantage over the competition. Can Cadbury/Schweppes/Accelerade break into a competitive market, attract a new customer demographic, and ultimately gain more market share?

Situation Analysis

Strengths |Weaknesses |Opportunities |Threats | |International distribution (Canada, US, South America, Asia, Caribbean, Australia, Europe) |Lack of market share to Pepsi/Gatorade |Athletes want more. Accelerade offers more than the next leading brand (Gatorade) |Gatorade and other Pepsi related products holding 82% of market share | |Good brand name association e.g.:(GNC sells Accelerade products and is a viable brand name for health and sports nutrition products) |Higher price point compared to market leader, Gatorade. |Accelerade has new technologies/formulas. 4:1 ratio of carb to protein giving Accelerade a perceived benefit over the competition. | | |High quality ingredients, not offered in other sports drinks, with medically test proven results | |Accelerade formula promotes weight loss, endurance, and metabolism boost for the change toward healthy living in society. | | |...

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