Accelerating Change

Accelerating Change

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Accelerating Change

Over the years, TPM has been home to more than 160 technology driven companies. 28 of those have graduated to become some of Malaysia’s robust public listed companies. Overall, around 200 companies both local and foreign, including incubatees, have flourished within our grounds.

The only technology park that encourages mixed development in ICT, biotech and engineering, TPM continues to be the prime locations to these technology-driven companies.

TPM has to date achieved a turnover of RM6.3 billion, created employment opportunities to over 9,000 professionals and has helped increase the nation’s economical Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by a healthy 1.2%.

We aim to lead further in the innovation and technology-led economy. TPM will move towards becoming a vibrant, earth-friendly green technology hub.

Technology Park Malaysia

Spurring Innovative Growth

TPM provides a unique comprehensive balance of technology, support and R&D capabilities.

Rental of incubator premises
Suitable for scientists, researchers, technopreneurs and SMEs and lease of land parcels for technology knowledge-based companies

Technology and business incubation programmes
Offerings include business mentoring and coaching services, business, marketing & financial consultancy services, technology & business forums, workshops and business matchings to researchers, scientists, technopreneurs and SMEs

Technology commercialisation assistance and support
Assistance and support in technology commercialisation which include advisory and consultancy services in technology transfer facilitation, project management, strategic management advice, market research & opportunity analysis and professional development programmes

Product and technology specific support via TPM’s 4 Subsidiaries:

1. TPM Biotech Sdn Bhd
Product development, contract research, laboratory services, contract manufacturing &...

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