Access Assignment

Access Assignment


Database for Live to Surf

Actu 386
Part #2 – Introduction to Access
Feb 4- March 4, 2010

Due Date: March 18, 2010

*** Note: You may do this assignment in groups of up to 5 ****

Database for “Live to Surf”

Your friend Jay has opened a surf shop in Costa Rica (Live to Surf). He recently began taking orders from the internet and has no idea how to track the progress of that new business and frankly, he’d rather ride the waves than track the orders. You decide to put together a database to help him out.

You hop on a plane and rush onsite to supervise the implementation of your database. When you arrive, you spend a week relaxing on the beach. Then, you get to work.

Jay gives you two lists of his customers in Excel (hint: you’ll have to import one into a new table, and import the other into the existing table that you have just created).

As well, you get one list of the products he sells, and two lists of some recent orders, with different information on each list. These lists were provided in text files.

The data files are the 5 files that were sent to you by e-mail with this assignment.

The orders are split in 2 lists: one contains the simple information about each order (ex. order ID, information on the buyer and shipping information). The other one lists all items purchased in each order, number of units and discount.

Your task:
Your task is to create a Microsoft Access database with these lists. Your database has to include the following forms (do not forget the name of the company and a logo for the company):

• A form to see the information on each customer
• A form to see the information on each order, buyer information (customer address and shipping address), all products bought and the number of units, discount, total price for each product, cost of shipment, and total price for the order.
• A form to see the different products offered in each product category

Make sure your table design...

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