Accountability and Military Supply

Accountability and Military Supply

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Ever since childhood, responsibilities are instilled in us as a valuable trait to build upon as we grow up. Lessons and reminders to put our toys away where we got them from and not to lose our glasses or something else our parents have paid a lot of money for. This may or may not remain in everyone’s psyche into adulthood. For those who do retain some of theses teachings, they are better prepared to accept responsibility later in life. And it all adds up to being more self-sufficient.

Early learning passes from the playpen and the playground to the schoolhouse, the work office, and the battlefield. If a child is reminded not to forget his coat when he heads outside, maybe he will grow up to be a Soldier that doesn’t forget his reflective belt when he goes out. When Soldiers forget their reflective belt, they may not be able to eat at a dining facility or even venture outside from their building. While tedious reminders of the smallest details seem uncalled for, they serve a purpose to prepare individuals for an assignment or even to protect.

In the military, this responsibility is referred to accountability, because someone must be held accountable at all times. Accountability is referred to as a quality, a state of being, a virtue, even a mechanism. I believe it is of the utmost importance in military operations, as well as throughout life in general. Those childhood lessons lay groundwork for understanding responsibilities, observation and doing the right thing.

A Soldier is held accountable for everything the government entrusts him or her to possess in order to accomplish a mission. From dog tags hanging around their necks to a vehicle or weapon system, no item is too small, too large or too obvious. Army Regulation 710-2, Inventory Management Supply Policy “provides specific policy for the accountability and assignment of responsibility for property issued to a using unit”.

According to the policy, everything the Army has, regardless...

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