Accountability and Punctionality

Accountability and Punctionality

Military readiness and the 21st century Army can be defined by its

own organizational ability to project firepower and defend and preserve.

Punctionality as well as accountability are two major contributors to a

nations military readiness. Punctionality is the unerring, timely placement of

smaller units and individuals and their ability to be on time. Accountability,

an essential army core quality, is what allows those in leadership and upper

management to be aware of the disposition and condition of each individual

unit under their control. When every single unit and individual soldier is at

the right place, at the right time, leaders can say that their people and

equipment are "accounted for". Therefore, one can perceive the importance

of timeliness, and its relation to accountability.

In ancient times, there was a time honored tradition of honor and

respect to the leaders of the different warrior clans of that day. These hardy

fighters paid fealty to their patriarchal leader, also know as the "warrior-

father" There was a strong fraternal sense of belonging during these times of

old simply because their very survival of each man was in the hands of the

other. If one of the individual warriors, or "sons", failed to appear on the

battlefield for even at a daily meeting or meal there was cause for alarm

because one person missing could mean the difference between life and

death. Even if the soldier had a legitimate reason, such as, sickness or injury

then it would be that soldiers responsibility to tell a clan brother or even

another subordinate to relay this information to their respective commander.

At the very least, informing his superiors would prevent a concerned leader

from sending out a needless search party or disparring for a lost comrade or

loved one.

In the ages leading up to the creation of the Roman Empire, military

units were devoid of modern...

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