Accounting and Financial Performance

Accounting and Financial Performance

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Newcastle Business School

GSBS6200: Accounting and Financial Management

Assignment #2

Maximum 150 Marks (worth 15%)


This assignment relates to Ch 8 “Analysis and interpretation of financial reports.” You are required to conduct a comparative analysis with the financial statements published by the companies listed on Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).
The assignment must be attempted and completed on a group basis. The final report (excluding the appendix, tables, and a list of reference) should not exceed 4,000 words in length.


• Due Date: 11 Apr 2011 (Mon, 10:00 pm)
• Submission: City Hub and Turnitin

Ensure to submit a soft copy of the final reports without the cover sheet and the appendix pages via Turnitin. A hard copy of full reports must be submitted to the Student Hub by the due date. Note that Group Diary and Post-Project Audit must be submitted with the hard copy of the final report.
Individually group members are required to submit a self and peer assessment through SPARK within 24 hours of the due date. Failure to complete SPARK will result in a mark of zero.
Terry Davis, a CEO of Coca-Cola Amatil Ltd (ASX: CCA), has been concerned about the financial performance of the company which was adversely affected by the unusual cold weather during last summer in 2010-2011. (Refer to the article reported by Sydney Morning Herald at: )
In particular, he wants to know the answers to the questions below:
1) Has the financial performance of Coca-Cola Amatil Ltd been improved since 2007? yes
2) Is Coca-Cola Amatil performing better than Foster's Group (ASX: FGL) Ltd in the brewing industry which was also badly hit by the usual weather?
3) What elements of the company have driven good results or bad...

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