Accounting information system

Accounting information system

‘Ready To Eat’
Case Study Report for Accounting Information Systems
Yuanting Wu
Accounting Information Systems
Due date: 16th May 2014

The executive summary
The adoption of good information systems within the organization is a major requirement for many organizations. In this light, an analysis of the Ready To Eat business reveals an evidential gap in information systems that would make the organization more efficient and cost effective. The context within which the requirement was made owes to its expansion of the available staff and operations, which needs better information systems to handle the operations. This report was requested in March 2013, when the organization decided to incorporate more staff to handle the growing demand as well as the need to sustain competitive advantage. This report recommends the adoption of a good information system to boost the current capacity.

Table of Contents

Information systems describe the incorporation of computer knowledge in terms of hardware and software that people use to collect, analyze and organize data in organizations (Dang, 2009). The growth of modern organizations has led to a huge demand in information systems, with the discipline of information management gaining prominence and growth. The systems help organization through better organization of data, compilation and analysis as well as scheduling of data. In this light, Information Systems will help Ready To Eat with the capability to reschedule tasks and solve problems that relate to the analysis of information and incorporation of technology that improves overall efficiency and productivity.
From the requirements of the business, the business requires Transaction Processing System (TPS) as a driver towards better consolidation, compilation and capturing of the data from the daily transactions (Malone, Grant, & Turbak,...

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