ACCT 212 DEVRY Course Tutorial / Uophelp

ACCT 212 DEVRY Course Tutorial / Uophelp

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ACCT 212 Entire Course (Devry)
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ACCT 212 Course Project
ACCT 212 Week 4 Midterm
ACCT 212 Week 1-7 All Discussion Questions
Week 1 DQ1 Financial Statements
Week 2 DQ1 Prepaid Expenses vs. Unearned Revenue
Week 2DQ2 Accrual vs. Cash Accounting
Week 3DQ1 Ethical Business Decisions
Week 3DQ2 Trade Credit..


ACCT 212 Course Project (Devry)
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(TCO 1) The Accounting Equation is used to develop the organizations financial reports. (1) Describe what owners' equity values would be if Assets are $100,000 and Liabilities are $27,000 by showing the Accounting Equation (10 points) and (2) provide an explanation of what accounts could be found in owners' equity. (10 points)
(TCO 1) The financial statements present a company to the public in financial terms. (1) Which financial statement identifies where cash was generated and where it was spent during the year (10 points) and (2) identify the three major parts of this statement? (10 points)
(TCO 1) The accounting profession follows a set of guidelines for measurement and disclosure of financial information called the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). (1) Explain what the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are (10 points) and (2) provide an example of its application. (10 points)
(TCO 2) Transaction analysis results in the development of a journal entry. Supplies are purchased on account agreeing to pay $500 within 30 days. (1) Name the accounts impacted and how using the format account name/debit or credit/dollar amount (10 points) and (2) explain how the Accounting Equation is impacted. (10 points)
(TCO 3) Adjusting Entries are required at the end of the period to ensure that accrual accounting principles are applied. At the beginning of...

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