ACCT 547 All Week Discussions - DEVRY

ACCT 547 All Week Discussions - DEVRY

ACCT 547 All Week Discussions - DEVRY

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Acquisitions in Business (graded)
Acquisitions occur frequently in the world of business. Companies such as Omnicom, Wells Fargo, Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and AT&T incorporate strategies in making acquisitions. Do you have some ideas of what the key ingredients are to make them successful and why many of them are not? Can you think of why some companies seem to do well with acquisitions?

Study Room: Chapter 1 (graded)
Let's work out here problems based chapter concepts for hands on practice.


Business Combinations and VIEs (graded)
What is a controlling financial interest? How did the FASB define this in FIN 46R? What are typical difficulties in ascertaining whether control exists where perhaps no voting interest is actually maintained?

Study Room: Chapter 2 (graded)
Let's have hands on practice here


Consolidation and Goodwill Issues (graded)
In this week we will discuss Initial Value method, Partial equity method and Equity method and Goodwill impairment.

This section lists options that can be used to view responses.

Study Room: Chapter 3 (graded)
We will work here problems on equity, partial equity and initial value methods and know difference between these three and the accounting for goodwill impairment.


Consolidation and Noncontrolling Interest (graded)
As we know, total ownership is not a requirement for consolidation. A parent need only gain control of another company to create a business combination. If less than 100% of a subsidiary's voting stock is obtained, how is the presence of the other owners reflected in consolidated financial...

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