Acf I –Valuation

Acf I –Valuation

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The following questions should be addressed with respect to the “Brown-Forman Distillers Corporation” Case. Please prepare your answers to each question (found on page 2) in a clearly-delineated fashion. That is, make sure your complete answer to each question is in a section that denotes which question is being addressed.

On page 3 of this exam, I have listed a number of assumptions/corrections that you should make in your analysis. Please do not deviate from these for your analysis of the questions below. Naturally, you will need to make other assumptions as you go, and you should state these clearly in the write-up at the time they are applied.

The total possible points for this examination are 100, and the breakdown of these points among each of the questions is clearly listed on the next page. There are a total of six questions.


1. This is a GROUP exam and you can and should discuss the case with your group members.

2. You do not need any other sources of information other than this case, the course notes, this exam sheet and the worksheet.

3. Be sure to read the Assumptions and Clarifications on page 3 before beginning your analysis of the questions. You should follow these guidelines in the preparation of your analysis!

4. Be sure to turn in a hard copy of your write-up on the due date which is also the in-class exam date. Please ensure that one of your group members brings a hard copy to the exam.

5. Please limit the number of pages for the entire project to 6 pages. You need not fill all 6 pages, but treat this as an upper bound.

6. Thanks for your cooperation on these items, and good luck!

Question 1: (5 points) Using the information contained in Exhibit 9, calculate the sales revenue forecasts for Southern Comfort for the years 1979 through 1988. Also, using any information available in the case, estimate the long-term sales growth rate to be earned beyond 1988. (State your...

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