Achievements of Us Invasion in Iraq

Achievements of Us Invasion in Iraq

It is natural for American Administration to argue that they have donated democracy to Iraqis. They need to argue in that way because they have to convince American taxpayers and to persuade them to pay more.

However, the greatest achievement for US Administration has been the removal of Saddam Hussein from power and the dismantling of his Ba'ath Party. At the same time, the greatest US failure in this regard is the fact that they could not find any kinds of weapons for which they invaded Iraq.

People of developing nations regard the American invasion of Iraq asa grand failure because the invaders threw Iraq into an endless chaos dominated by daily violence and killings. Sunnis and Shiites have entered into an indefinite civil war. Iraq has been divided more than ever before.

Of course, words cannot describer the cruelties of tterrorists who have been massacring innocent Iraqis in the name of independence war. Buyt cruelties can be seen in "Gods" who went to relieve Iraqis of cruel dictator Saddam and give democracy, peace and prosperity.

Iraqis have now become the ultimate sufferers.

Following the destruction of political, economic and social structures, what else could there be when no accurate alternatives have yet been identified?

Positive Achievements of Iraq Invasion The following is a list of the principal achievements of American invasion of Iraq: · Removal of Saddam from his dictatorial power. · Rise of Shiites who were suppressed by Saddam's regime before. · Although the weapons claimed by American and British ruling elites were not found in Iraq, their doubt has cleared and their fear of Iraqi weapons has gone for the time being. · Dismantling of previous Iraqi political and socio-economic structures on which the Saddam regime was founded. · Opportunities created for multinational American and other construction companies and contractors. · More practice in invasion; this experience can help their military forces...

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