Homer's poem the "Iliad" has a character named Achilles. He is destined for death, but doomed for glory. He is a fearless, fiery leader that lets his selfishness get in the way of doing what is right sometimes. He is the best of his craft, and the most skilled of the Acheans. But is he really the hero of the poem? No, although Achilles is greatest, and he has the most natural ability , he has too many character flaws to be a hero.

Achilles is told by his mother Thetis that he will have glory if he goes to Troy and fights with the Achean army but the only catch is he will die while fighting. But if he stays he will have a long life full of pleasures that only the gods enjoy. Achilles chooses to go to Troy and earn his glory. Glory is the main theme driving Achilles. He prefers a name that will live for a thousand years in the hearts of men over a long lasting god like life.

Achilles natural ability and his pride are his best attributes. He is the most intense warrior when in battle. "The most violent man alive" (82,172) Agamemnon credits Achilles being the most violent. And on the battle field that is a great to have. He has the most ability because he was born half god half mortal. He takes pride in being a warrior. And carries his pride over into training, violence, and everything he does he must be the best.

Achilles does great things when in battle. He is the greatest of all the Acheans. His comrade Odysseus even credits him to be the greatest "Achilles, son of Peleus, greatest of the Acheans, greater than I, stronger with spears by no small edge" He is a warrior that not only has he mastered the art of war but he is a master of many trades like medicine. He slaughters armies almost single handedly,and he shows compassion. Agamemnon credits Achilles value as a fighter. "Why look, that man is worth an entire army". He is not totally immortal he has a weakness, his heel. So he...

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