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Acromegaly is a non infectious disease. The name "acromegaly" comes from the Greek words for (acro) meaning "extremities" and (megaly), meaning “great"
The world wide Acromegaly organisation states that “Acromegaly most commonly occurs in middle-aged men and women.If the disorder occurs in children who have not yet fully developed, the increased levels of growth hormone also result in the exceptional growth of the long bones.
This condition is a variation of acromegaly, and it is known as gigantism. The prevalence of acromegaly is approximately 4,676 cases per million population, and the incidence is 116.9 new cases per million per year, world wide”.

Acromegaly is a highly rare condition caused by abnormally high amounts of human growth hormone (HGH). An organ in the brain known as the pituitary gland normally secretes this growth hormone. Normal amounts of HGH are needed for normal growth.

Acromegaly begins when a tumour permanently “switches on” the pituitary gland and secretes HGH continuously. As the tumour grows you can receive symptoms such as headaches and have difficulties with their vision as the tumour compresses the optic nerve.

A pituitary tumour may arise from the mutation of a cell in or around the pituitary gland. The mutation occurs in a gene that controls the transmission of chemical signals within the pituitary cells. These tumours aren’t normally present at birth, however, in the unlikely case that they are, it can lead to abnormal growth of the child and lead to gigantism.

The mechanisms inside the pituitary gland which cause the gland to excrete the growth hormones are under intensive scientific research. If the tumour grows slowly it can delay the recognition of the symptoms, however, fast growth of the tumour often leads to invasion of the sinuses behind the forehead. (Demonstrate)

Luckily this disease is not genetically transferred; therefore you can’t pass it to children.Overtime you will recognize an...