Action Program Marketing

Action Program Marketing

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VI. Action Programs & Budgets

In this section, we provide a specific plan (and rationales) for how the recommended marketing strategies will be turned into specific action programs, and how each program will be specifically implemented. We do so by providing a specific timeline for each action program that presents specific answers to the following questions for each program: (1) What will be done, (2) When will it be done, (3) Who will do it, and (4) How much will it cost?

The Table directly below summarizes our Action Programs & Budgets, and the in-depth discussion (and rationales) that follow this Table. The discussion that follows this table is proceeds as follows:

Timeline Summary

|December 2008 |Posters and Flyers: |
| |Contact Graphic Design Professor |
|Winter Quarter 2009 |Posters and Flyers: |
| |Graphic Design Student Project Starts |
| |Posters and Flyers: |
| |Graphic Design Student Project Continue |
|Spring Quarter 2009 |Department of Athletics contacts Marketing Club for details of distribution starting from Fall 2009 |
| |Facebook and LinkedIn: |
| |Department of Athletics starts to hire approximately 5 students through Seattle...

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