Action Research

Action Research

Attitude versus Achievement
Danielle Hayes
Grand Canyon University: RDG 530
March 30, 2015

Table of Contents
Abstract 3
Introduction 4
Literature Review 5
Methodology 7-8
Data Collection Procedures 8-9
References 10

This action research project will use a pre reading attitude survey, teacher observations, and a post-reading attitude survey to collect data from a diverse group of 10 Kindergarten students in a Title I school. Data will be analyzed to determine what happens to students’ attitudes on reading after the implementation of innovative reading strategies. The goal is for the results to show evidence that when innovative reading strategies are introduced and executed those students’ attitudes towards reading improve. Even though a majority of the students are already motivated to read by established reading programs, it was obvious that the strategies will be beneficial in boosting their attitudes. Ultimately, increasing student attitudes will allow them to be both efficient and effective readers.

The topic of research would be literacy with an emphasis on reading comprehension. Reading comprehension is the overall goal when it comes to the multiple facets of reading. Students must be able to decode the words on the page as well as comprehend them. Reading comprehension becomes a huge issue for children who are labeled as “struggling readers.” The label of the struggling reader means the student may be having trouble decoding the semantics of any given sentence. The negative label of being a struggling reader highly affects a student’s attitude towards the subject of reading.
The problem is that the negative labels that are placed on struggling readers at the elementary school level are highly affecting a students’ attitude towards the subject...

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