Active Listening

Active Listening

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3A2 Communications 600-word essay on Active Listening

"If speaking is silver, then listening is gold." -- Turkish saying

Essay will be in two parts:

1. On Monday January 27th in class
Submit your 150-word outline of your essay.

2. On Monday February 3rd in class
Submit your completed perfect 600-word essay in class

* Use the following links and any other resources.
* Cite at least 6 sources in a short bibliography.
* Answer the following questions in about 600 words (700 max!)
* Watch the PowerPoint posted on line for tips on writing a college level essay.
* Work hard on the English. Not because this is an English class but because your ideas will be much more effective if the English is correct. Use spell check on your computer. If you believe your English is not so good, ask a friend to edit your essay for you. And buy them a beer!! If your English is good, edit your friends’ essays and ask for a beer!
* Grading: Essay and outline are worth 40% of your semester grade.
* Essay and outline will be graded based on:
60% on covering the questions well and showing use of the research documents.
20% on creativity/originality in ideas and formulation of ideas.
20% on layout and expression (using spell-check etc).

Essay Questions:

I. What are some problems we have today in really listening to other people?

II. Active listening is one way to solve communication problems. Define and explain active listening.

III. Explain several examples of active listening in action. The examples can come from situations from your life (family, school, jobs), from your other coursework, from international conflict resolution, from business situations you have read about or from the following links.

IV. How could improving your own active listening skills be useful to you?

"One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to...

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