Activity: Attendance Is Always a Must Program (Aamp)

Activity: Attendance Is Always a Must Program (Aamp)

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Activity: ATTENDANCE is ALWAYS a MUST program (AAMP)
We hope to achieve a 100% full-attention on the Word of God on every religious meetings and activities by having a perfect attendance on all these said activities.


Who: To all people of this world who wants to grow closer to God
What: Attendance on all morning and evening services on every Sunday; prayer meetings on every Wednesday night; Bible studies, and evangelistic nights every last Friday of the month.
Where: Church
When: Sundays, Wednesday nights, and days when said activities are to be held on.
Why: To be able to grow closer to our Lord God.


Week 1(When we were still young)
At first, attending all those religious activities and meetings made us sleepy and bored, mainly because of temptation. We would rather spend our time playing than listening to our pastor with his preaching.

Week 2(When we got saved)
Now, we feel at peace whenever we attend these religious activities and meetings. Our problems fade away because of hearing and at the same time knowing more about what God’s plans is for all of us. We learn more about His Word and what He wants us to do. He wants us to accept His Son, Jesus Christ as our personal Savior; love Him and serve Him, and do all things in His glory.

Week 3(When we got baptized)
At this point, we love Jesus so much that we would do everything we can to serve Him faithfully and to do more for Him like joining in the choir, be a missionary, be a full-time worker for Him, render a special number to Him, or be a instrumentalist for Him. We remind ourselves that we are only doing these things to praise and glorify Him, not to have the world tell us that we are good in those things.


During those 3 weeks of attending morning and evening services, prayer meetings, Bible studies, evangelistic nights and other religious activities and meetings, I...

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