ad analysis paper boat

ad analysis paper boat

Kanishka Mishra
Submitted to: Prof. Padma Kumar

CIA – 3

Analysis of an advertisement (PAPER BOAT )

By Kanishka Mishra
The advertisement released by the company Paper Boat Drinks intends to take the target audience down the memory lane of their childhood.

In my viewpoint, the target audience of this advertisement is mainly the adults (25-45 years) who are now busy in their monotonous lifestyle, largely comprising of work and superficial relationships. Such lifestyle leaves a person with a very limited time to relive their memories of childhood and be a kid again.
Indirectly, this advertisement also targets the rest of the audience who are children and teenagers or else the aged ones. It targets the children and aged section of the society as it presents something very relatable phase of anybody’s life.

The ad is set in narrow streets,open fields,banks of a river, roof tops and very simple , innocent locations. This is probably done to maintain the essence of innocence and simplicity of childhood in the ad. If we see the time its indicating, it would be that of our parents (if seen by the perspective of the student of 18 years) as the ad contains usage of old styles of coins, broadcasting of Vikram And Vetaal on the television, making of paper boats, talking about ‘bail gadi’ and many other instances of their generation.

The ad tries to create a mood of nostalgia in the audience. It tends to make the person travel down the memory lanes of their childhood by experiencing the same old taste of the Paper Boat drinks which focuses on maintaining the true and homemade essence of the various drinks.

There are no such latest effects used in the ad again, to maintain the simplicity of the ad. Also,attention is paid on minor details of music;for instance: the music is produced by a flute and violin,popular in that generation. The narration of the ad is kept simple and childish to reach out maximum number of audience...

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