Ad Analysis

Ad Analysis

Advertisement Analysis
Sept. 21, 2014
Draft # 2
The Real You

How do advertisers use famous actors and popular television shows to get your attention , to sell their products and why? Many people want to dress like their favorite TV star. Advertisers use this concept to attract the teenage consumer looking to buy jeans by placing ads from the ever popular 70’s Show. A T V show that ran for 8 years promoting individuality of teenagers .Over the course of its run, the series was a consistent performer for Fox, becoming one of their flagship shows. Its eight seasons, consisting of 200 episodes, made it Fox's second-longest-running live-action sitcom ever with 11 million viewers. That is like free advisement.
You could replace the faceless photo in this with Donna and Jackie both charters of the 70’s Show lookalikes as their backs are towards the camera. Both girls are their own bicycles in their teen years of 13 to possibly 19 years of age. One long black hair one main girl in front with red hair uncombed from the wind riding an older style beach cruiser bicycle the other with the darker hair on the other somewhat blurry out of focus and possibly an 80’s style 10 speed bicycle. Riding in the same direction in the middle of a cement pavement road or open parking lot surrounded by the greenery of very tall trees, shrubbery and mowed grass.

Rocha 2

The main girl in the ad is riding down the middle of the street carefree of any traffic with no hands as if to say LOOK MOM NO HANDS! Both arms are straight up and out in a 90 degree position.
Making it look like she...

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