Ad Analyzing

Ad Analyzing

Ad #1 Family Circle Magazine (known)

1. The type of Argument in this Ad is persuasive they are trying to sale kitty litter boxes. They are trying to get cat owners to buy their product over all the other products. They are trying to use humor and something very cute to persuade you to buy there product.

2. Most people that keep a cat in the house don’t want to smell the cat and they definitely don’t want others to smell it either. This ad is saying if you buy this kitty litter the cat will have a hard time finding its own kitty litter so you definitely won’t be able to smell it. They also have a large cat that covers most the page. The cat is very cute and is sitting on a couch with its legs crossed with its paws covering its mouth and part of its legs. It catches your eye right off and is very funny because that is not normally how a cat would be sitting. The message that I get from this is the cat does not know where his kitty litter went and he is not sure where to use the bathroom.

3. The audience is for people who have inside cats, those who like cats and are thinking about getting an inside cat but they do not like the fact that kitty litter smells. This ad might change their mind about getting a cat and what litter to buy. I came to this conclusion because the cat is sitting on a couch normally made for the inside, and you usually don’t need kitty litter if you cat is an outside cat they use other resources.

4. I think the best aspects of this ad is the large cat positioned on the couch sitting in a very funny position looking very concerned he cant find the litter box. I also like what they say “it’s hard to find your litter box if you can’t smell it.” Which to me immediately implies if the cat can’t smell it to find it then I am definitely not going to smell it. The Worst part about this ad is the writing is very small and written at the bottom. If it was written a little bigger it would draw your attention there a little faster.


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