Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler

ll About Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler was born September 9th, 1966. He was born

in Brooklyn New York. His full name was Adam Richard

Sandler and his nick name was Sandman. His parents were

Jewish and their names are Judy and Stanley. He also has

two sisters Elizabeth Sandler, and she is now a dentist and

Valerie Sandler, which she is a restaurateur. Adam also has

a brother Scott Sandler, which he is an attorney. He also

was a ladies man in high school. He had a few girlfriends

and he was once engaged with a girl named Margaret Ruden.

They were engaged in 1989. At his high school Manchester

Central, he played junior varsity basketball and was part

of a very amateur rock band and he was, of course, the

class is that he dated

actress Alicia Silverstone. They didn't work out and broke

up in 2001. Adam's a fan of professional wrestling, and

most of his self-written films have references to

professional wrestling in them. He is ranked #35 in

Premiere's 2003 annual Power 100 List and he had ranked #43

the previous two years. Started Happy Madison Productions,

which is behind most of his films. His production company,

Happy Madison, is named after two of his films, Happy

Gilmore (1996) and Billy Madison. His beloved dog,

Meatball, who also has a section on Adam's official site

with photos and videos, passed away due to a heart attack,

at 4 years old. He was the son of Mr. Beefy, the talking

dog in Little Nicky, Meatball

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