Adding Peter Gospol to Bible/Outline

Adding Peter Gospol to Bible/Outline

The gospel of peter should be canonized because the book dates to at least the same time as the current canon; it correlates much of the gospel of Matthew to a fuller extent; and tells full “resurrection story” filling in missing pieces found in the other four Gospels.

The Gospel of Peter dates to same time of current canon.

A. Some scholars date it to at least the time of Matthew (80 C.E)
B. The gospel has no direct quotes from any other gospel while the 2 middle gospels (Matthew and Luke) quote the oldest gospel (Mark).

The Gospel of Peter correlates to pieces of the gospel of Matthew

A. The guards in front of the tomb of Jesus are found in Matthew and Peter but not Luke, Mark or John.
B. Peter has traces of Anti-Semitism; as does Matthew while Luke, Mark and John do not.

The Gospel of Peter tells the full story of the “resurrection of Jesus.”

A. Only Mathew speaks of a guard patrolling the tomb of Jesus (aka Joseph’s Garden) but only Peter gives a name (Petronius).
B. Peter tells story of a stone rolling after two men come out of the sky after a loud noise is heard. Three men are then seen leaving the tomb. This story is skipped in Mark, Luke, Matthew, and John. Peter is the only Gospel to tell a story between the time of Jesus being put into the tomb dead and later the discovery of an empty tomb.

Notes to Self: Copying was not a big deal in the time of the Gospel’s. Therefore there would be no reason for peter to write independently which could easily mean he was writing at the same time of Matthew. Matthew is quoted in 3 younger Gospels which is why he was writing at the same time as Matthew.

Gospel of Matthew correlation quotes: Read last couple chapters of Matthew (27 to end.) (Read entire gospel of Peter.)

In the Gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John…The two Mary’s discovers Empty tomb of Jesus 1.5 to 2.5 days after Jesus was placed in tomb. What happened during those 1.5 to 2.5 days?? The...

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