adimpur gram vikas

adimpur gram vikas

Situation analysis (or introduction)

Statement(s) of objective

• All round development for individual and group.
• Support and help at individual level.

Decision problem

• Loan disbursement policy for individual and community needs to be updated in order to avoid future loan disbursement issues.
• What should Shri Shiv Raman recommend to the eleven member committee of the Mandali on the petitions filed by Dharam Sinh and Diwan Sinh.

Decision criteria

• Individual needs of members should be taken into consideration.
• The functions of the mandali should not get disturbed by the decision taken.
• Prevent the culture of giving loan for non-productive activities.

Alternatives/ options

• Do not approve loan for any of the 2 petitioners:

The ultimate decision power lies with the general body meeting. Since it has been decided in the general body meeting that neither Dharam Sinh nor Diwan Sinh should get loan, the decision should be final with no further considerations. It was mentioned to Diwan Sinh that his loan application is for a non-productive cause and thus this his loan cannot be processed as per the ideology of mandali. Similarly, Dharam Sinh was told that his type of request can only be processed when the mandali is in strong financial position and thus will not be processed otherwise.

• Shri Shiv Raman should recommend to the 11 member committee of the mandali to discuss among themselves and provide loan to both Diwan Sinh and Dharam Sinh:

There has been history of providing loans for non-productive activities/emergencies in the mandali where 8 members were given loan in order to perform last rites of a passed away family member.Also, the loan provided by the mandali was 75% of the savings of the members themselves. How can a person be denied of loans against their own savings in the time of emergency? Even by the written laws of the mandali, there was no restriction on the kind of activities against which loans can...

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