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ADJ 265 Week 5 Assignment Testimony

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Assignment: Testimony

• Resources: Ch. 7 of Effective Communication for Criminal Justice Professionals

• Find a current or past court trial (via Internet or television) where an investigator or officer is called to testify. Evaluate the officer’s role and if he or she follows the guidelines on pp. 129–134 of the text. Then evaluate one-fourth to one-half of the officer’s court testimony. In 700 to 1,050 words, identify and summarize the trial you observed and evaluated. Explain:o The courtroom role of the investigator or officer.o How well the investigator or officer adhered to guidelines recommended in the text.o If the outcome of the case was affected positively or negatively by the testimony.o Methods or techniques that may have improved the investigator or police officer’s testimony.o Where and how you found the court case, including a Web site link for an online source or an APA formatted citation for a television source.

• Format according to APA standards.
• Post your paper as an attachment.


ADJ 265 Week 1 Assignment Communication Styles

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ADJ 265 Week 1 Assignment: Communication Styles Resource:

Ch. 1 in Effective Communication for Criminal Justice Professionals Due Date: Day 7 [post to the Individual forum]

Recognize the importance of communication in the field of criminal justice.
Write a 350 to 700 word paper describing the following:The communication process modelDifferences between the four major communication stylesBenefits of using particular communication stylesThe importance of the communication process in law enforcement


ADJ 265 Week 1 Checkpoint Communication Barriers

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