Administration and Ict at Tesco's Plc

Administration and Ict at Tesco's Plc

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Administration and ICT at Tesco’s plc

As all business need administration Tesco plc is no different. The Administration system is important because it allows them to reach there aims and objectives that they have set, furthermore they need administration so that there business can run smoothly.

In most business the perfect administration system would be if there was good communication between the management and workers therefore Tesco plc is no different. All methods and procedures would be written down so that there would be fewer problems in the future and every one would know what has been ordered. Tesco plc have to provide the proper controls and methods of supporting the employees and customers, so that they can reach their deadlines and objectives .All this makes the administration systems very important because without administration there would be no communication between different departments throughout the business such as Tesco plc. This is all done by information and communications technology (ICT)

In most business the information is stored electronically Tesco plc is no different, this is because it easy to change the information, it would accurate furthermore it would save lots of money. Tesco plc has introduced a new system called “Data warehouse” which is broken in to four topics: Business use, Technology, Data and analytical tool. The system gives more Tesco plc more flexibility because it let Tesco plc access in depth information to make decision and it has special hardware and software to manage the data.

If most successful business didn’t have very good administration system then the business would have fallen apart because they store all of the information on the computer systems which they need to update regularly so that when they back up the information it will be up to data and easy to access. As Tesco plc is one of the best public limited company it has one of the best computer system therefore they are able to work quickly...

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