Administrative Reforms

Administrative Reforms

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Administrative Reforms for further Devolution of Powers
‘The only way you can defeat insurgency is to remain one step ahead’ US Army Special Forces teachings on guerrilla warfare, counter / insurgency)

It may be equally true about the demand for new provinces.

Introduction. Pakistan is under tremendous stress as a nation mainly due to the effects of ‘war on terror’. Besides it is suffering from parochial, ethnic, and sectarian strife. It is further divided between the haves and have-nots due to immense economic disparity and a fast dwindling middle class. To compound its woes it has a very unwieldy administrative structure. Balochistan, the largest province has almost half its’ area (44%) but only 4.5% population, Punjab which accounts for over half of the population (56%) with another 10% living in other provinces, dominates the politics, bureaucracy and army.

The demand for new provinces is once again making rounds with renewed vigour and strength. The renaming of NWFP as Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and the reaction in Hazara resulting in casualties has acted as a catalyst for this demand. It has given added impetus to the demand of a separate province in southern parts of Punjab. The demand for Bhawalpur and Seraiki Provinces has been voiced with intensity since the break-up of one unit in 1970. It is once again gaining momentum with emotional appeals to people with more vigour. It probably will be the biggest election slogan for the next elections in Southern Punjab. It looks that sooner or later there will also be a demand for Potohar Province or even a Central Punjab Province besides Hazara and Udayana (ancient name of Swat Valley) in PK-Khyber, Mehran (upper Sindh) in Sindh besides Karachi. Similarly within the Balochistan union, demand for separate provinces for Pakhtun areas, the Coastal belt and Nasirabad Division are in the offing sooner than later

An attempt has been made to suggest a balanced administration structure within...

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