Administrator Account Was Logged Out

Administrator Account Was Logged Out

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The typical guy

In the beginning of the video, the troubleshooter guy was the indivual to complete the job. To me it seemed like he solved the problem too quickly. Guy later spoke of a corrupt file being the cause of the problem but at the same it seemed like he guessed instead getting to the bottom of the problem. Allison was great by not giving him the password at the same time when he finished the job she didn’t make sure the administrator account was logged out that’s why the problem with the salary information getting out in the emails to everybody in the company. Guy showed great attitude through the whole process but made mistake after mistake trying to finish the job fast. Also after fixing the problem guy didn’t make sure that if the system messed up again would Allison and the rest of the company be able to fix the problem quickly.

Guy demonstrated steps 1,2,3,4 great but at the same time Allison showed steps 1-5 greatly but also made mistakes that could been easily avoided if she used the step of the critical thinking.

The situation that Allison went through was similar to when I went to Senatobia High School to watch some experts do what I wanted to graduate to do. In my scenario, a virus was on the network and instead of troubleshooting the problem the tech assumed that it was on one cpu and not the network and when it was all said and done a lot of the schools information was lost and something simple could have been solve if critical thinking was used. When this was going on I was just introduced to networks and didn’t know much so I listen watched and learned.

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