Adolescent Case Study

Adolescent Case Study

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Case Study #2


Aaron Everhart

Presented to Dr. Johnny Baker
In partial fulfillment of the requirements of
Counseling the Adolescent and Their Families
PACO 620_D01

Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary
Lynchburg, VA
17 April 2013

Connie is a very normal Christian teenager trying to find balance between her relationship with God, her parents, and her friends. She wants so much to be accepted by her peers and she is feeling like there may be more to life than what the church has to offer. She is exploring the different avenues of her life for the answer to the question, “who am I?”
Dr. Les Parrott tells the story of Connie in his book, Helping the Struggling Adolescent. His chapter on peer pressure deals with the most common struggle that teens deal with in their quest for identity. He writes, “Our desire to accommodate ourselves to the group norm is one of the most civilizing forces in society. But it also had the potential to create a great deal of person conflict and loss of self-esteem. This harm is perhaps greater for adolescents than for any other group.” Connie is an example of a teen that is experiencing and inner conflict that has affected her behavior, her way of thinking, and her attitude. Through the course of a few counseling sessions, she admitted that she was wrestling with who she really was, and that she had not yet found it. She was feeling “phony and hollow”. At the end of the story, she was still searching for identity that will define her for the rest her life.
A key strength is this scenario is the swift action that was taken by the parents. As soon as they were aware that there was a problem in Connie’s life, and they may not be the ones to best help her, they called the counselor. A Short-term (3-4 sessions) model of counseling was used effectively to identity the problem. It is significant that the counselor was able to allow the Holy Spirit to work in Connie’s...

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