Adopting New Culture and Transformation Leaderships

Adopting New Culture and Transformation Leaderships

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Iris Nunn

Gene One Benchmarking

Gene One Problem: Adopting New Culture and Transformational Leaderships

Companies: Johnson and Johnson and Pixar

Key Concepts: Leadership and Corporate Social responsibility

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Gene One is a Biotechnology Company that is in the process of changing culture by leading to be public. Don Ruiz CEO is exited and very confident of this to be the right direction for the firm. Gene One has created a technology that eradicated disease in tomatoes and potatoes and has grow from a $2 million dollar company to a $400 million company in the last 8 years. Gene One notice that Wall Street stock are growing in the biotech industry and this give the CEO the ambition to aim for the adventure of becoming public.
The Don Ruiz believes that in three years is a good time to became public and target a 40% growth, but in order for this to be a reality many goals need to be accomplish ahead of time. When the CEO presented this strategy to the board and receive their approval he find resistant and hostility from some of the members. Don now have the job to implement his plan and get the help of the Senior Leadership Team. Alternatives solutions to the problems are A) Developing strong leaders in the team B) Hire a IPO consultant.
A good leadership is one of the most important character that any company should have when confronting issues or adopting a new culture. Gene One is not confronting legal or controversial issues like Johnson & Johnson have before, but is developing a public company infrastructure which is the same adopting a new culture and...

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