Adoption and Family Therapy

Adoption and Family Therapy

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Adoption & Family Therapy
PSY 587
Sage Graduate School
Kathryn Guiliano

Adoption & Family Therapy
Adoption is a lifelong process. It is not a discrete event. It may be considered a process of lost and found for the three signification members of the adoption triad. To many, the word “adoptee” resonates with some of the deepest and most fundamental issues of life-connection, identity, and meaning. (Jago Krueger & Hanna, 1997, p.195). Often the individuals involved in the adoption process are referred to as “the adoption triad”, consisting of the adoptee, the birthparents, and the adoptive parents. As Hamilton, Cheng, & Powell (2007) state, “2-4 percent of all American households include an adoptive child- a number that is projected to increase over time”. (p.96). With this in mind, adoptoive families still remain understudied by sociologists. Past and current practices of adoption reach beyond the adoption triad and extend into the domain of societal stigma and social judgments (p.195
As Jago Krueger & Hanna (1997) suggest, all adoptees search for their roots, even if its only at a psychological level. Sinply by contemplating ones ability to choose to undertyake a search fpr theoir biological parents can envoke existential anxiety in terms of what could happen as result of their choices. As stated by Jago Kreuger and Hanna (1997), Yalom (1980) identified four existential concerns which included: death, isolation, freedom, and meaninglessness.
Adoption is an area of professional specialization that has resided primarly with social workers. However, with some additional training, many counselors can acquire the expertise to provide service members of the adoption triad. (Janus, 1997) contends that it is rarely the founds of adoption that cause triad members to seek counseling. It is the losses and the complexity of adoption that bring them to the counselor’s door.
It is important that...

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