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ADP 3-0

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When we published Change 1 to the 2008 edition of (Field Manual) FM 3-0, we
captured the most critical lessons of almost ten years of sustained land combat. In
this edition, we not only reflect on the past but also look to an uncertain future.
Army Doctrine Publication (ADP) 3-0, Unified Land Operations, provides a
common operational concept for a future in which Army forces must be prepared
to operate across the range of military operations, integrating their actions with
joint, interagency, and multinational partners as part of a larger effort.
Unified Land Operations is a natural intellectual outgrowth of past capstone
doctrine. AirLand battle recognized the three-dimensional nature of modern
warfare, while full spectrum operations recognized the need to conduct a fluid mix
of offensive, defensive, and stability operations simultaneously. This publication
builds on both these ideas, adding that success requires fully integrating Army
operations with the efforts of joint, interagency, and multinational partners.
The central idea of Unified Land Operations is that Army units seize, retain, and
exploit the initiative to gain and maintain a position of relative advantage in
sustained land operations to create conditions for favorable conflict resolution.
This central idea applies to all military operations—offensive, defensive, and
stability or defense support of civil authorities. This unifying principle connects
the various tasks Army forces may perform. It adds the founding principles of
flexibility, integration, lethality, adaptability, depth, and synchronization. It

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