Adr Clause Assignment

Adr Clause Assignment

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Running Head: ADR Clause

ADR Clause Assignment
Julinda Sheshi
Business Law 521

When working in teams a team charter can be useful and it can have a substantial impact for the team’s success. Designed to stimulate problem solving tasks and help group members over come their differences the learning team charter is a great way to develop team member’s capacity to work effectively together. However, conflicts and problems may still arise as individuals perceive the world differently. One way to avoid this kind of conflict and experience success along the way is to implement an ADR Clause into the charter. This paper will discuss why it is necessary to implement an ADR Clause into the team charter and what the benefits of doing so are.
The definition of ADR stands for Alternative Dispute Resolution, a term used to illustrate problem-solving processes that can be more advanced than certain methods for resolving conflicts between teams. ADR promotes creative solutions to disagreements and emphasizes communication between the parties. By focusing on the team’s real benefit, rather than on their positions or demands, ADR enables parties to work together to solve the real concerns underlying the conflict.
Furthermore, ADR is voluntary which means the team members get to choose and how to use ADR. It is flexible as the disputes are handled through an ADR agreement, and team members get to choose the ADR method, outline the specific steps of the process and establish the requirements they must meet. What is more important is the fact that the team members have control of the process and its outcome. ADR empowers and enables the team members to develop and seek mutually acceptable solutions, which they choose to meet their needs.
By applying an ADR Clause to the learning team charter, team members will respect and trust each other more. This could lead to more creative, satisfying solutions, as well as faster resolutions of issues. An...

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