Ads Are Annoying

Ads Are Annoying

People are annoyed by the advertisements . We are already tired of deleting so many phone advertising messages everyday ; We can not remember how many flysheets have been thrown into garbage , how many pufferies are attach to public places which do the violence to the beauty of the city . To some extent , advertisement is a waste of time and money and exaggerates for promotional purpose .

However , I strongly believe that ambient commercials are not only vehicle for business to sell products to public but also a media between customers and products . From the advertisement we can get a lot of imformation such as service , products , job market , image and so on . The public can gather a lot of information to improve the qulity of life .

We will not have the chance to know , know what to buy , buy what to enjoy without the informtion which delivered by advertisements . I lived in Southern China where the climate is humid , three years ago I came to Northern China for my university study . I can’t get used to the dry climate here . One day I saw one advertisement about the air-moistener , it said that the machine can raise humidity of the atmosphere , then I bought one used it until now . There is no more dead skin on my face or no bad feelings . If our life had no advertisement , I would probably be still execrcised about the climate problem .

Advertisement can not only make life cozy and efficient , but also educate people . In Tv or on the radio , there are always some advertisements teach pople how to extinguish fire which happens in the house , teach the public how to protect themselves from the earthquake or typhoon . The images and the 3-D technique used in advertisements can always inspire people who engaged into advertisement project . Therefor , I would say advertisement is fundamental not only for business , but also , more essential , for the public .

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