Adult Learner

Adult Learner

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Nowadays, many working adults are continuing their studies as a part time student. They also have known as an adult learner. As an adult learner, they are facing so many problems during their study period. There are so many problems occurred since the adult learner still need to maintain their responsibilities such as employment, family, and other responsibilities of adult life. Most of them have problem with their time management, financial, lack of support from their family and people around them, not a computer competence and many more.

How to accommodate an increasing population of adult learners on college campuses? Employers, family and community leaders must make changes to accommodate their needs.

In reason to support adults in their educational pursuits, the employers need to make policy changes. They need to allow more flexibility in work schedules and promote employees as soon as they are ready to be promoted. They are responsible to make sure the adult learner have their own space and time to pursue their study and working at the same time. For example, The number of adult learners has continued to incease since the Ministry of Education has pressured its teachers, many with only high school diplomas or non-education degrees, to obtain degrees in education.

Adult learne needs to concerntarte on their study and work at the same time. They need to be very tough in order to complete their study. They also need to learn how to manage their time, money and responsibilities to their family, people and their work.

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