Adv204 - a Contrasting Advertisments Report

Adv204 - a Contrasting Advertisments Report

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Visual Communications
ADV 204

‘To drink? Or not to drink?’

Advertisements Report


In recent years there has been a great deal of controversy over the role of advertising as a possible motivation of alcohol consumption, but does it really? Advertising of alcoholic beverages is a potential public health issue if it can be shown that advertising has a direct and material effect on alcohol consumption, but how can it be proven?

Vodka Cruisers are a brightly colored vodka-based alcoholic drink, with an alcohol content of 4.8%. Sometimes described as an alco-pop, this premixed drink is available in seventeen flavors, originating from New Zealand, they are produced by Independent Distillers in Australia. While alco-pop producers may stress they’re exclusively aiming at the 18–25-year-old market, the producer of Vodka Cruiser, describes its drinker as someone who seeks fun and enjoys social interaction. The marketing team particularly draw heavily on pop-culture references and young, hip images to create a sense of identity and individual style, clearly appealing to the young, fashion-conscious consumer. With the creation of these (and many) brightly coloured alco-pops, comes the responsibility of appropriate drinking and drinking behavior. With all the fun, colour, taste and advertising, it would seem easy for those markets being targeted, to get swept up in the hype and not give a second thought to consequences.

It is because of this, the health issue of binge drinking more significant in young Australians and the Australian Government has created strategies to control alcohol consumption. This is a refreshing change to the ‘anti’ this and ‘anti’ that campaigns advising not to partake, or to quit. With this refreshing reapproach, the South Australian Government has recently launched an advertising campaign aimed at encouraging responsible drinking, to which will help...

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