Advanced Access

Advanced Access

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Advanced Access 2003

Command Buttons
Status Bar Text
Tool Tip text
Startup Options
Creating a Macro to
open a Form
with several Actions
with Conditions
reating the Dialog Box
Creating Querya and Forms
Creating and attaching the Macro

This workbook is aimed at helping persons who wish to develope a simple database to mange their scjhool information or any student who is working on their project or students who are doing databae mangement at secondary school level.

Calculated Controls
A Calculated Control uses an expression to obtain its information. An expression is a combination of operators such as = and +, Control Names, Functions and constant values (numbers). On a Form, Calculated Fields are calculated and displayed on each individual record. They are Unbound Controls i.e. they are not linked or ‘bound’ to a specific Field in a Table and the result that is displayed in them is not stored anywhere in the database.

Creating Calculated Controls
Open the Form on which you want to place the calculated field in Design View.
From the Toolbox, click the Text Box icon .
Click and drag over an area on the Form to draw the box.
The Text Box will appear on the form with an accompanying Label.
Click into the box and type the expression you wish to use to calculate the value in the Control

Creating Expressions
observe the following rules:
All expressions should start with an equals = sign.
Round brackets ( ) and mathematical operators Plus +, Minus -, Divide / and Multiply * can be used in the usual way.
Control Names of Controls on the Form can also be added, enclosed in square brackets.

Control Source
The Control Source Property displays the Expression you created.
You can click on the Build Button to use the Expression Builder to help you create an expression.
You can add appropriate formatting to your Control using the Format and Decimal Places Properties. For example, a calculated Control...

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