Advantage of Overseas

Advantage of Overseas

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The advantages of studying at overseas

Although there are many universities in Malaysia, there are still many students who want to study overseas. If I were given a choice to study overseas or locally, I will definitely choose to study overseas. There are many reasons why I want to study overseas.

First and foremost, if I study overseas, I can new friends. My new friends came from all corners of the world. By them, we can learn about their language,tradition,culture and way of life. Maybe I can speak or learn Japanese, French, German, Arabic or Italian. If I know about their language, I can understand better. So, I can make my life richer.

Secondly, if I study in foreign country, I can learn to stand on my own and become more independent. At home, I can turn to my parents whenever I have some problems. However, when I am away from home. I have to plan my own time, prepare my lunch and decide when study. Besides that, I also have to do everything by myself. For example, I have to think and decide by myself. Thus, by studying abroad, I can become more independent and nature.

Thirdly, by studying overseas, I can travel to many parts of the world. Besides, I always loved travelling. If I study in England, Ican travel to France, Spain, Italy and Germany during the holidays. Furthermore, I can also see many interesting places that I have always wanted to see such as Tower Bridge in London and Effiel Tower Paris. I can get a lot of information and benefit by travelling these places. In addition, travelling can broaden my mind and make me a knowledgeable person.

Finally, by studying abroad, I can improve my English. English is the most important language in the world. In a foreign country, we have no choice but to communicate in English with our friends. We also have to listen to our lectures and answer our exams in English. It is an effective way to improve my English. Moroever, it is also an advantage if we are...

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