Advantages of having a credit card for a college student

Advantages of having a credit card for a college student

Case 1.

One of the most exciting parts of growing up is becoming financially independent and this seems to be the case with maria. I think that Maria might get approved for a credit card but the credit limit will be the min of $300 dollars but still the best approach would be to have the parents as co-signers.

The advantages of having a credit card for a college student would be to use it for certain necessities. Students need to be careful how they will spend the credit cards. Of they are going to use it they need to have a plan in mind but this would be one of the disadvantages that not all the student think thorough about all this. Some would spend it on thing that they would not need. Many college students need to live far away from home and they cannot always depend on their parent so the credit card would be an advantage item to have or if they have a flat tire and need replacement. Building credit history is another advantage. Disadvantage would be the young people have no experience and financial experience.

College students should only have 1 credit card because they might end up into financial situations and ruin their credit score. If you keep one its easy to spend the money on the card and also able to pay back the balance.

Credit cards can be very useful tools but everyone needs to do the research which one is the best. The carrying balance on the card needs to be regularly present and with minimum payment so you wont be paying in full. What the rate is ging to be at first nd the introductory rate. She needs to make sure the billing cycle, balance transfers and long term rate.

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