Adverse Effects of Social media

Adverse Effects of Social media

Candidate’s Name: Yashas Aravind

Subject: Communication Studies

Registration Number: 1302000044

Lecturer: Mr. O. Elliott

Year: 2015

Topic: The Adverse Effects Of Social Media On The Society.


The theme of this portfolio is “The Adverse Effects of Social Networking” My purpose is to inform society in general of the adversity associated with social media.

In the exposition, I developed the theme by outlining the causes and effect of social media. In the reflection, however, a poem was written highlighting the negative effects on social media on the community helped me to develop the theme. Both strategies assisted me to achieve my purpose which is to persuade individuals that social media like all things in life must be used in moderation.

As a student of Computer Science, this topic allows me to keep abreast of the rapidly changing technologically world and its effects by reviewing the literature with its findings.

As an aspiring computer engineer, research in this area will afford on the opportunity to gather and process information and collect data for analysis and consequently for publication.

Personally, my interest is to alleviate the number of social problems stemming from the negativity currently associated with social media.


My purpose is to educate persons that while social media has its positive outcomes, it has detrimental effects on individuals.

The intended audience is parents, guardians, siblings, computer technicians, computer programmers, teachers, lecturers and professors of Information Technology, primary, secondary or high school students, presidents and vice-presidents of colleges, principals and vice-principals of universities, deans, instructors, tutors, administrators, managers, supervisors, directors, friends, neighbours, acquaintances and well-wishers.

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