Advertisement Has Its Own Pros and Cons

Advertisement Has Its Own Pros and Cons

Advertisement has its own pros and cons.

There are many pros of advertisement. One example is the informative advertisement. It provides necessary information of goods and services supplied. Consumers can thus have relatively perfect information about products and this helps consumers make more rationale decision on what is the best to buy. Furthermore, advertisement intensifies competition among different suppliers. This intensive competition ensures relatively low price which is beneficial to consumers.

However, we cannot overlook the cons brought about by advertising. One possible shortcoming of advertising is that large firms with economy of scale may have more resources that can be directed into advertising, resulting in the expansion of large firms at the expense of small firms. Also, if the advertisement is persuasive in nature, consumers may make wrong decisions based on the advertisement and buy goods with high price but low quality.

In conclusion, it is unwise to say that advertising is necessarily good or necessarily bad. We should consider both pros and cons of advertising so that we can have a more objective stand toward this issue.

Nowadays, Spring Festival is over, but going shopping is very popular, yet.

In your life,you have to know the lessons:

In the modern world,advertising is everywhere! Some people think that ads are great.Others hate ads,saying that they make our cities and contryside look ugly.Many ads are aimed specifically at teenagers,and some young people see more than 100 advertisements a day.It true that some ads can be very useful.For instance,they can help you to compare two different things(products) so that you can buy the one you really need.They can also help you save money.When prices are listed,you can go to the store with the lowest price.Ads tell you when stores are having sales.However,some advertising can be confusing or misleading.Some times the words sound good but don't really tell you anything...

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