Advertising Is a Powerful Form of Communication

Advertising Is a Powerful Form of Communication

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‘Advertising is such a powerful form of communication’. Explain.

Advertising is a form of communication which serves a purpose of informs or publishes their products or services to the potential customers. All the advertisement contained both the factual information about their brand products and also the persuasive messages. Their aim is to attract or persuade more consumers to purchase or consume more their products or services. Advertisement is also design to create and reinforce the brand image and brand loyalty. Besides, it also means to increase the popularity of the specific products or services. Advertising is crucially important for a company or an organization. Various kinds of media are usually used as a bridge to achieve the advertising purpose. Advertising can mainly be categorized into two major fields, which is in the form of electronics and in the form of paper. Electronics form includes television, video game, radio and also internet. Some examples in the form of paper include newspaper, magazines, journal and billboard. Various new forms of advertising are growing rapidly nowadays which include social networking advertising and digital signage.

Here comes the question about ‘Why is it advertising is a powerful form of communication?’ . Nowadays, electronic device is a common to every single family. Almost every family will consume a television or a radio for the purpose of entertainment. Moreover, the brochures or flyers of different company or organization are always distributed all over around the public places and some even will go to the doorstep. This bring the consequences of everyone will be expose to the various kinds of advertisement. As most of the advertisements are designs in an interesting and attractive way, consumer who expose to the advertisements in a long term will be influence by them. The value system of public is molded by the advertisers unknowingly. It also shaped the attitude and behavior of public...

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