Atrocious Advertising

"Lust, ambitions, tenderness, vulerablities- they are constantly bubbling up seeking resolution."(AFBA 54-65). Many advertisers reflect on these things to catch viewers subconsciously. A lot of different consumers fall for these type of tricks. Some include hidden messages or just a memorable image. Other television advertisements create a desire for a product by using suggestive images and catchy words.

Ads you barely notice can shape your judgement (Why). The advertisement shapes judgement and creates desire by suggesting realism. Many advertisements suggest this, for example the Philips ad portrays a shark image that looks beyond realistic. Also, photographs and home films look much better on the Hewlitt Packard High Definition television. Images in the next two advertisements create a desire for the all American concept. In the JVC ad, the theme is red, white, blue and shows an American flag. In comparison, the LG television ad portrays all American sports to grab viewers attention. To create a desire many advertisements suggest powerful images. The JVC ad displays a huge shuttle, and the Philips ad displays an enormous shark. Neither object shows meaning toward the product. Advertisers just use another tactic to make people think that buying this product will make them more powerful.

"They look to be great t.v.'s, and their trying to sell a product."(Evan Coderre) Their, being the advertisers, attempt to sell a product or create a desire by using catchy words. Some use large buzz words, including "Every Inch Counts" (Times 26) used in the LG ad keeps viewers interested and wondering why it says that. Also, "Your Life Is the Show" (Times 67) leaves questions to think about such as: how is my life the show? Often there are tricky words that play a role in advertising. The word NASA (Premiere 21) seems used as though just to lure people in. LG on the other hand, uses Get More from LG (Times 26) to make it...

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