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Comparing Two Print Adverts Neat Copy

Task: To compare the purpose, audience, language and layout of the two
print adverts.

Key Objectives:
1. Use PEA to analyse effects of language and presentational devices.
2. Compare two advertisements in terms of brand values.
3. Evaluate effectiveness of the advertisements.

Different types of chocolate advertisements are aimed at a variety of target audiences. The cocoa that chocolate is made from can be very important to a consumer. Divine chocolate and Seeds of Change are two different brands of chocolate, but they have similar target audiences.
Both advert use a variety of presentational and language devices to appeal to the consumer.
The word Divine means HEAVENLY or GODLIKE. This is effective because it emphasises that the chocolate is PURE. It is FAIRTRADE from Ghana, without any additives or artificial ingredients. Therefore it is benefiting the consumer.
The target audience for Divine chocolate is women in western countries or developed countries who are in the middle too upper class income bracket. “A not –so Guilty PLEASURE.” They feel guilty about having more money, and FAIRTRADE eases their guilt. The brand name and the advertisement are appealing to the target audience, because it makes the chocolate sound HEAVENLY. It also makes it sound PURE. The advertisement shows a women that is the co-owner. “Paulina Oppong, Ghana. Kuapa cocoa cooperative. Co-owners of Divine.” The target audience can relate with her because they may own or co-own something.
The values associated with the brand are Physiological, self-esteem and self-actualization. The target audience are well off, so they are interested in helping the poorer countries and supporting FAIRTADE. They want to be seen eating an expensive chocolate bar then people would know that this person cares about the world and that they have money. This will make people have a lot of respect...

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