advisory to osim

advisory to osim

Dear Mr Sim.

I hope this email finds you well. Thank you for taking time off from your busy schedule to give a talk yesterday. Hearing personal sharing from a successful local entrepreneur like you certainly allows the younger generation of business enthusiast like me bring home a wealth of insights.

I am actually the guy who asked you the question on whether the endorsement of Hong Kong celebrities in current times is still as effective as it was in the 90’s. The reason for me to write this email to you is because I would like to share an avenue in which OSIM can market your core product, massage chair, and perhaps even grow a new business segment.

SIA, Singapore Airlines, has recently embarked on a new campaign to revamp their product & service offering to differentiate themselves from other countries flag carriers -

OSIM, a company in which is selling a concept of lifestyle to customers who have not previously considered having a massage chair at home, can hop onto this. Consider the collaboration of working with SIA to equip all of their first and business class cabin seats with your massage chairs as a start. This move has several advantages as follows:

1. Passengers of the first & business class passengers are definitely part of your target consumer segments.
2. By having your massage chairs replacing the original flatbeds, the passengers will more likely to try the massage function and this is what you have been striving to achieve with your brick & mortar; to have new potential customers try your chairs!
3. This segment of customers may be a little more difficult to target in the past due to their consumption behavior (would you take time off from the already scarce time you have for your family, to stop in the mall to try a product which you have not much knowledge/interest in?) Now by placing...

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