AED 205 courses / snaptutorial

AED 205 courses / snaptutorial

AED 205 Career in Education

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Write a 500- to 700-word reflection on the reasons why you are interested in a career in education, and what you expect classroom dynamics to be like. What inspired you? What does the ideal classroom environment look like in your mind? How will your past experiences as a student or in your current line of work influence how you will manage a class full of students?


AED 205 Challenges in the Classroom Checkpoint

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Respond to the following in 200 to 250 words: In your opinion, what are the most challenging obstacles teacher’s faces when managing the classroom? What strengths do you possess that will help you meet and overcome those challenges?


AED 205 Challenges of Independent Work Checkpoint

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Resource: Find Table 8.1 on p.235 (Ch. 8) of the text.

Select one challenge for a teacher, and one challenge for a student.

Explain in 200 to 300 words which strategies you would use to mediate those selected challenges posed by seat work.


AED 205 Classroom Management Goals Checkpoint

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Refer to Table 1.1 on p. 6 (Ch. 1) of the text to review seven assumptions about classroom management.

Write a one-sentence goal for each of the seven assumptions that will support a productive and positive learning atmosphere. Your goals should focus on how you can achieve the demands of each...

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