Aero 1010 Paper

Aero 1010 Paper


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My Career in Aerospace
Kyle Bishop
Aero 1010
February 28, 2013

My Career in Aerospace
Ever since middle school I have been very intent on becoming a pilot. I find the field very interesting and exciting. With it though, comes much preparation and hard work, which I am prepared to endure to achieve my dream. College prep is the first and probably most important step.
The college preparation to become a pilot is very expensive. This is due to the flight labs you take to learn how to fly and achieve your ratings. The first of these is for your private license then after several others comes your multiengine rating and your commercial license. Along with the labs there are also classes such as aerodynamics, weather, and other courses designed to prepare you for the piloting industry.
Once out of college you typically will not get on board with a major airline as you would need more hours under your belt to be considered. So you could fly for a regional airline. There are also many other ways to build hours such as towing banners, crop dusting, or even flight instructing. Once you have acquired enough hours you can start being considered for other larger airlines. With each airline you work at you gain seniority over time and this is how your position in the cockpit is determined and what routes you fly.
The average pay for an airline pilot is $92,000 and to be considered for the position you need at least fifteen hundred hours of flight...

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