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1. The nurse assesses a facial characteristic that is a sign of fluid retention in tbe patient with renal impairment, which is:
a. broken blood vessels around the nose
b. periorbiital edema
c. facial twitching
d. rash on cheeks and neck
Ans B

2. To assess for a distended bladder, the nurse would
a. percuss the abdomen
b. auscultate the abdominal area
c. evaluate the tissue turgor
d. palpate the abdomen for tenderness
Ans A

3. The nurse caring for a patient who had a wreteral cather in place following the removal of a kidney stone would focus care on
a. assessing for patency
b. early ambulation
c. irrigating the catheter regularly
d. including ureteral output with bladder input
Ans A

4. The physician has ordered a urinalysis and a serum osmolaity (concentration) determination. The nurse assesses that the kidneys are function appropriately if
a. findings are incidental and unremarkable
b. the osmolality of both urine and the serum are high, or both are low
c. the serum osmolality is high and the urine osmolality is low
d. the serum osmolality is low and urine osmolality is high
Ans B

5. The patients results show a ratio of BUN to creatinine of 10:1. This indicates to the nurse that the results indicate
a. a normal ratio
b. decreased kidney function
c. servere renal failure
d. malnutrition and dehydration
Ans A

6. The nurse caring for a postsurgical urinary diversion patient will add which of the following to the postoperative assessments?
a. Position on the left side
b. level of fluid intake
c. Bowel sounds
d. keeping bed flat
Ans C
7. The nuse who is doing frequent catheterizations for residual has a concern related to the potential for:
a. the introduction of pathogens to the bladder
b. causing urethra; erosion
c. frequent genital exposure of the patient
d. the presence of the indwelling catheter
Ans A

8. Your patient has nephrostomy that has been inserted because of an obstruction...