Affirmative Brief

Affirmative Brief

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A. Violation of privacy rights on the internet is increasing now
1. Why promote internet privacy online?

Virender, Andrew. "Why Promote Internet Privacy Online?" Ezarticles, 22 Nov. 2012. Web. 22 Sept. 2013

As Internet privacy has become aware of the dangers of browsing on the Internet without safeguarding their personal and financial data. Most now are taking steps to a major issue in cyber space, more and more users and companies have moved to promote it. As a result, people have protect their privacy online from predators and malicious hackers. This involves use of proxy servers and software.
2. Privacy on the internet isn’t properly regulated/monitored now

Gsc, Sam. "Privacy and Security on the Internet – What You Need to Know to Thwart Big Brother Spying." TheSurvivalistBlognet RSS. Survivalistblognet, 24 Jan. 2013. Web. 22 Sept. 2013.

Search engine companies such as Google and Microsoft / Yahoo are all about capturing and indexing every bit of information they can. This information is worth immense sums of money. Web site owners, and especially social sites like Facebook, are equally adept at gathering and indexing every piece of information they can get about you. Email services all keep records of your emails for years even after you delete the emails from your account. The only person who no longer has access to one of your deleted emails is you. You see, once Pandora’s box opens, you cannot put it all back in. You potentially have a great deal to lose by letting your information out.

3. Decreased privacy rights causes abuse to individuals by people in power

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