Afp Standard for Statements

Afp Standard for Statements

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This is the standard in 2004.
ins on 07 Jul 2004 07:58
AFP Standard for Statements
The standard “print image” format for storing and retrieving customer correspondence in IBM’s OnDemand/390 at HSBC is a fully composed, Advanced Function Print (AFP) stream.
The file specifications are as follows:
Record Format (RECFM) = Variable Blocked ANSI (VBA)
Logical Record Length (LRECL) = as deemed necessary to properly accommodate the AFP structured records.

Specifications for index information about each Confirmation must be provided in the form of an AFP Tag Logical Element (TLE) structured field. HSBC has a standard format for these TLEs to be properly recognized.

Each index entry is composed of the following elements to provide uniqueness, so that identification and access to a specific document is unambiguous for the viewer:

|Index Name |Contents |Size/Format |
|Account Number |HSBC Account Number |25 chars, Alpha-Numeric |
|Statement Date |Work of Date produced |8 chars, YYYYMMDD |
|Bank Id |(leave blank) |4 chars |
|System Code |HSBC system code |3 chars, Alpha-Numeric |
|Statement Type |Unique HSBC document id |2 chars, Alpha-Numeric |
|Statement Type Sequence |Unique sequence number |2 chars, Numeric |
|Page Count |Number of pages in doc |4 chars, Numeric |
|Document Description |Unique text description 1...

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