After the First Death

After the First Death

After The First Death

People must finish what they started. Whether it is the war in Iraq or just simply doing what they do in their everyday life. This can be proved in the book After The First Death (ATFD). What happened in this book was that a bus headed to a summer camp was hijacked. And then all of the children were drugged. Also, Kate, who is a teenager filling in for her sick uncle, tried to drive the bus off the bridge and back onto the road, but failed. Lastly, Ben, who was very patriotic, was used by his father to be a decoy and, after the bus and the bridge incident was over, committed suicide. This story, ATFD by Robert Cormier, proves that people must finish what they started. This can also be proves in history by the war in Iraq.

“I was eight or nine when I went to school.’ he said. ‘ I do not remember.’ But he did remember how Artkin found them. They had been living for a few weeks in the ruins of a house that had been burned. The smell of embers filled their nostrils as they slept at night. It was the season of chill, when the winds blew dust across the land and the dust entered everywhere, even in the pores.” (Pg 127) This quote proves that Miro needed to finish what he started because if he didn’t finish going to the school that Artkin recruited him to go to then he would have had to have gone back to the house and sleep in that house. Artkin found Miro and Miro’s brother Ariel in that house and brought them to a secret terrorist camp.

An example of people finishing what they started in the Iraq war is the bomb attack toll rising. As of March 18, 2008 it is up to 52. it is up this high because of suicide bombers finishing what they started from the beginning of the war, they are finishing it because their religion tells them to kill the U.S. forces.

Once Kate started the bus she had to finish what she started or else her and all the children would have died. “She turned the key in the ignition and pressed down on the accelerator....

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